Neste survey: 80% of Finnish travelers consider SAF an interesting option to reduce emissions

Neste has investigated Finnish travelers on flight-related emissions: 80% of respondents considered SAF an interesting or very interesting option, as it has a concrete impact on emissions where they are generated. 66% said that the additional cost of SAF should be transferred to the ticket price. They felt that all passengers would then carry equal responsibility for reducing emissions. 34% were interested in purchasing SAF as an additional option when buying their ticket. They preferred this option because “it would feel like my choices really have an impact.” According to the study, 11 euros would be an appropriate extra price on a flight costing 50 euros, while 59 euros would be suitable for a flight costing 500 euros.

The results also prove consumers’ desire to make any compensation method as easy as possible to use. The respondents were not interested in visiting third-party websites or downloading apps. Instead, most of them wanted to include the compensation in the ticket price. This would make it easier to compare ticket prices and make buying decisions.

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