After successfully flying its transport aircraft AN-32 with Jatropha-blended jetfuel, the Indian Air Force is now looking to test its entire fleet of helicopters, transport aircraft and fighter jets to fly on biofuel-blended jetfuel over the next two years. To secure a constant supply, the Centre is in the process of setting up 1,000-litre-a-day biofuel plants in five States. At present, the IAF consumes about 1 billion litres of jetfuel annually, and successful testing of 10% biofuel-blended jetfuel will mean the country has to produce at least 100 million litres of biofuel annually. The target, for the IAF and the government, is to reduce the cost from about ₹190 (approx. $3.50) a litre of biofuel to about ₹60 ($1.10) through commercialisation of production. The Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas will drive this project.

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