Presenting Carbon Engineering: 'magic bullet' for climate change?

BBC is presenting Carbon Engineering's technology that removes CO2 from the air to turn it into fuel for transport, including aviation. The technology has received significant investment from major fossil fuel companies (Chevron, Occidental and coal giant BHP), which worries climate campaigners. Carbon Engineering says that if governments want to invest in its process they are very welcome to do so. If they're not ready to stump up the cash, the company is happy to take funding from the energy industry as time is so short, and the need for the technology is so great.

"Is it the silver bullet?" asked CEO Steve Oldham. "I would never say to anybody that you want to put all your eggs in one basket - the future of the planet is very important for us all. But having the technology built, available, ready to go, with no harmful chemical side-effects, less land-usage, having those available - that's a good thing."

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