Uniting Aviation's reporting on ICAO's First Stocktaking Seminar on SAF

The first ICAO Stocktaking Seminar toward the 2050 Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFS2019) was held in Montreal from 30 April to 1 May 2019. This event was organized in response to a decision of the second ICAO Conference on Aviation Alternative Fuels (CAAF/2), which endorsed the 2050 ICAO Vision for Sustainable Aviation Fuels. The 2050 ICAO Vision includes a quantified proportion of fuels to be substituted with SAF by 2050, and carbon reductions achieved by SAF. To achieve this scenario, it was decided that ICAO would organize regular seminars to assess global progress on SAF development and deployment. The results of this SAF stocktaking process will lay down the basis for the CAAF/3 meeting, which is expected to be held by 2025.

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