Jim Lane's reporting on IATA's SAF Symposium: The Kodak Moment

For the airlines, which met this past week in New Orleans for the SAF Symposium, it’s a Kodak Moment. As in the moment when Kodak decided it wouldn’t pursue digital camera technology, fearing the impacts on their filmstock business. The photo industry went digital, Kodak’s film business cratered, and they were dumped out of a business they had practically invented. Kodak was not immediately doomed in the 1980s by its decisions, and neither is the airline industry today. But the industry’s challenges with respect to GHG emissions offer existential threats in the near-term and in the long beyond.

Progress on flight-based emissions is moving slowly enough that the flygskam moment has sprung up, now worldwide, to shame people into flying less. Measured by the discourse at the SAF Symposium, Greta Thunberg definitely has gained the attention of the airlines.

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