Total eyes first biojet output from Grandpuits in 2024

Total is planning to produce up to 170,000 t/yr of SAF at its Grandpuits refinery near Paris once it has converted the facility into a biorefinery. The biorefinery will also produce 120,000 t/yr of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) — also known as renewable diesel — and 50,000 t/yr of green naphtha that will be used to make bioplastics. "We will produce HVO like in La Mede, but we want to be able to output biojet in Grandpuits so the process will be different."

Total will use the hydrotreated esters and fatty acids (HEFA) technology in its new biorefinery. Feedstock for Grandpuits will comprise around 70% of animal fats (tallow) and used cooking oil (UCO), supplemented with around 30% of vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil but excluding palm oil.

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