Joint policy proposal to accelerate the deployment of SAF in Europe: a Clean Skies for Tomorrow publication

Clean Skies for Tomorrow (CST) is a coalition of leading airlines, airports, manufacturers, and fuel providers working to find solutions for reaching net-zero emissions from global aviation by 2050, the date by which a growing number of countries want their economies to be net zero carbon. European members of CST have come up with a range of policies that would boost supply of and demand for SAF at the same time. The policies include:

  • Support innovation to bring lignocellulosic/bio-waste and power-to-liquid pathways to market.
  • Introduce price floors guaranteed by government during the early stages of deployment.
  • De-risk investment in the first wave of production facilities.
  • Announce in 2021 a sustainable fuel blending mandate for European aviation to be enforced by no later than 2025 with a blending level increasing progressively over time to 2050.

Read more on Forbes and download the publication on World Economic Forum

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